The British Parliament will hold a debate on whether to prohibit the passage of Trump

The British Parliament has decided to debate the subject
According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported on January 5, following the hundreds of thousands of British people through the joint website in the parliamentary activities, called on the government to ban the US presidential candidate Trump after the entry, the United Kingdom The council decided to debate the subject. Reported that the US rich man had previously proposed in the US presidential campaign should prohibit the Muslims into the United States, followed by about 568,000 British people participated in the request to prohibit him into the United Kingdom joint activities. In accordance with the current rules, when a joint event signed more than 100,000, the Parliament will need to debate on the relevant issues. The House of Commons of the House of Commons petition on Friday decided to hold a debate on January 18. British Prime Minister David Cameron has criticized Trump's remarks, but said he should allow him to enter Britain. It is reported that the debate on this subject will be held in the second meeting room of the lower house of parliament, not in the main conference hall, and will not be held after the debate. Senator Helen Jones, chairman of the House of Commons petitioners, said lawmakers would be able to express their views in the debate. British Interior Minister Teresa May has the right to ban Trump's entry, but she currently refuses to comment on the issue. The But there are about 40,000 people signed the agreement to express the opposite position, that the prohibition of Trump immigration is illogical.

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