Mother and child ride electric car car accident children involved in the bus at the end of unscathed

Riding electric car woman face bleeding more than bleeding
Yesterday morning 9:30 Xu, Wang Hu West Road and Longchuan Road intersection, a 9 bus and an electric car collision. Riding electric car woman face bleeding more than, witnesses said electric car rear seat also contains a child, the accident occurred when the child was involved in the car, but fortunately no injuries. Witnesses said that when the 9-way bus from east to west driving, passing the junction, just hit a woman riding electric cars. "Electric car was involved in the bus, the car and a child." Witnesses said the incident after the electric car woman lying on the bus before the face and leg injuries were serious, bleeding more than. Fortunately, the children who were involved in the wheel were not injured. Yesterday afternoon 3 pm, Hefei bus a fleet of a person in charge of Hu said the bus driver is currently in the area with the traffic police department investigation, the injured woman after treatment, also has no problem, is observed in the hospital. At present, the cause of the accident is under investigation.

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