Juvenile suspects and friends to go to death after suicide lawyers: to take measures

Xiao Hao has joined a discussion of suicide after the QQ group
December 26, the reader Xing to the Dahe newspaper news hotline 96211 reflects that friends from Zhejiang Taizhou, Mr. Yuan home 17-year-old son Xiao Hao (a pseudonym) disappeared on the 16th of this month. "Parents are very anxious, by checking the call records and tracking QQ number and other means to find Zhengzhou, did not expect the final but still a step late." 25 evening, in Zhengzhou, a high Wangzhai a rental house, Zhengzhou police found a small Hao and the other two members of the remains of Henan members ... ... background figures Hu Xiong told the river newspaper reporter, the current number of domestic suicide to the Ministry of Health published information based on the rate of return after the adjustment is about 287,000 people committed suicide every year The "The probability of suicide is between 23 and 30. The number of suicide attempts has been reported by the Ministry of Health, which is about 2 million per year." According to data released by the Beijing Psychological Crisis Research and Intervention Center, suicide is 15 years old To 34 years of age the first major cause of death; 15 million people due to family or friends and suicide and long-term serious psychological trauma; 16 million children less than 18 years of age because of his father or mother suicide and become a single parent family. Juvenile death of the suspects suspected of three network after the encounter, similar to death, "Xiaohao three body was found, presumably passed away a week.Three people have left a suicide note, suicide note is 17 at 10 pm left. But we found that these three people had no intersection, is similar to the network after the death of the dead, which makes me feel shocked! "Xing told the reporter, his ancestral home in Hefei, Anhui, in the In 1985 to Zhengzhou settled. Due to Xiaohao's father Mr. Yuan is a fellow neighborhood, the relationship is very close, has been maintained for many years contact. "Xiao Hao's family has been doing business in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, I was informed that the news of Xiaohao 22, then help find." Xing said, after the pain of the bereavement, Mr. Yuan couple inconvenience to direct interview , But they agreed to let Mr. Xing to the collective suicide incident made public. "No one to discuss the law, but hope that the community can pay attention to this phenomenon, and then put an end to the network to go to the tragedy of death!" Jianguo away from home, QQ signature into "death countdown" December 16, Xiao Hao told his parents To play in the Internet cafes, live at home in the evening. See his son took only 50 dollars to go out, Xiao Hao's parents did not care. Xiao Hao left home after the second day, Mr. Yuan suddenly received a son of the students said the phone, see Xiaohao QQ personalized signature suddenly became a two foreign language to write the "death countdown" words. Mr. Yuan hurriedly call his son's cell phone, no one answered. Mr. Yuan side of the alarm, while trying to call his son's call records. Learned that the last call with Xiaohao two mobile phone number attribution were Henan Sanmenxia and Zhoukou. Mr. Yuan and ID card information through the police found that Xiao Hao is indeed on the 16th to take high-speed rail to Hefei, and transfer from Hefei at 17:00 on the 17th to Zhengzhou. Subsequently, Mr. Yuan arrived in Zhengzhou. 18 days in Zhengzhou to find no fruit, 19, Mr. Yuan will be rushed to talk with his son Zhang Moumou home in Zhoukou. But let Mr. Yuan disappointed, Xiao Hao and Zhang Moumou he could not see. Mystery family found that Xiao Hao has joined a discussion of suicide QQ group, Mr. Yuan learned from the Zhengzhou police network monitoring detachment, Xiao Hao's QQ number in the early morning of 17 in Zhengzhou City, Feng Road, and cultural road near the intersection of a Internet cafes logged in. So he rushed to the Internet cafes out of the surveillance video, found at 4 o'clock on the 17th, Xiaohao and a strange man and woman go together together into the Internet cafes, accompanied by Yang's wife with their own documents for three common online procedures The 17 at 1 pm, Xiao Hao and young men go out together with Internet cafes, and Yang surname woman in the Internet until 5 pm before leaving. Xiaohao clues to this interruption, but with its counterparts by the man confirmed by the police is Zhang Moumou. After Xiao Hao's family found Xiao Hao has joined a QQ group, the group of netizens are discussing "how to commit suicide in order to minimize the pain" and other extremely negative topics, and even friends also clearly issued a "death invitation." Think of Xiaohao had had mild depression, Mr. Yuan expressed to the police to find his son as soon as possible demands. Police immediately visited the investigation, and ultimately locked the Zhengzhou City, a high Wangzhuang a rental. Unfortunately, renting the house, find the carbon pot, sleeping pills and three body Unfortunately, when the 25th door opened, the house had no breath of the three. At that time the door closed, the room has burned charcoal and sleeping pills. In addition to Xiaohao, the other two were born in 1993, Zhou mouth of the man Zhang Moumou and born in 1975, Sanmenxia woman Liu Moumou. Both had had contact with Xiaohao during his lifetime. It is reported that the rental is Zhang Moumou came out on the 16th to rent. Liu Moumou is at 5 pm on the 17th, from the field rushed to Zhengzhou, and Zhang Moumou and Xiao Hao meet. And Internet that name surnamed Yang woman, insider is estimated from the above that QQ group. Liu Moumou to parents, husbands and only 8-year-old daughter were left 3 suicide note, the reason for suicide is "their own, but also because of their own parents, divorced, Investment failure and suffering from terminally ill "; 17-year-old juvenile Hao in the suicide note said his" dark side of the heart can not overcome "... ... noon yesterday, the river reporter called the police station, a police said it was true, but the police inconvenient Reveal the details of the case. The words of the parties on the "suicide QQ group", the lawyer said: the existence of serious harm, the platform manager to take measures to find Xiaohao relatives and friends to provide a light group, found that the group size of 2000 super group. Group of published impressively said: "depressed, desperate, painful, do not want to live, you can communicate here ... ..." in the group, from all over the country netizens have described the encounter, the exchange of suicide methods. The main reason for trying to commit suicide is: debt pressure, emotional disputes, family harmony and work is not smooth. "The network platform itself is legal, but it does not mean that citizens can take advantage of the convenience of the network platform to do the instigation of others to commit suicide or help others commit suicide!" Henan Yan Oriental law firm Yan Bin said that if QQ The establishment of the group to "help people commit suicide" for the purpose, rather than open up, then its existence is bound to have serious harm to society, and has a certain legal malice. Yan Bin said that users found on the network "light group", the platform management should be reported to the platform management departments must take immediate measures. "If you do not act as laissez-faire" continue to exist, resulting in adverse consequences, the management department to take legal responsibility. "" In addition, several people suicide, failed people may face intentional homicide. "Yan Bin Said. Home depressed children, they do so: unconditional love and support, the daughter pulled back from the death line Xiaohao three people in a conspicuous way to end the precious life, and Zhengzhou girl Zhang Meng, the first two Because of depression dropped out of school at home, and later also admitted to a psychiatric hospital ... ... now has begun a new life. Zhang Meng's mother Guo said in his interview, family and outside support, including the surrounding living environment to create are external influences, more than a decade she has been trying to grow her daughter's own inner strength. "Only my heart strong, there is enough self-confidence, can slowly into the community, so I and my father's father has been to guide her daughter to do whatever things, to arouse her heart really hope things." And Zhang also said, Over the years, although it will suffer from the torture of the disease, but the parents are like a strong backing to support their own. In the support of parents, love reading her at the end of 2003 began to write fairy tale "to find a happy little spider", "parents unconditional love, support and help, so I am very grateful!" In the face of suicidal tendencies, experts recommend this: The heart of the deviation, the choice of the right support system is particularly important Zhengzhou City Eighth People's Hospital psychological expert Hu Xiong, vice president said in an interview in recent years, more and more extreme suicide events after exposure caused a wide range of social concern The Analysis of suicide causes, mainly the impact of major life events, the loss of personal hope, specific character, the surrounding extreme atmosphere and the impact of living environment, genetic and whether to facilitate access to suicide tools. "The factors that cause suicide are often not single, and may be the most important catalyst for a particular event." "People who suffer from major setbacks are those who have the same mood of affection, Is into the dead end! "Hu Xiong said that people will be inadvertently accept other people's psychological hint or was hinted. "It is easy to have psychological resonance, and then more agree with this group, and thus embarked on a road of no return." Hu Xiong said, so when people find self-inner deviation , Choosing the right support system becomes particularly important. "We often have four expressions and ventures, first of all self-expression, to find the source of negative emotions and self-over; followed by the expression to others, that is, to have a positive friend or a psychiatrist for help; Environmental expression, you can take sports, shopping and other reasonable way to vent negative emotions; the last point is the grief for the power. "K clues to provide enthusiastic public royalties 100 yuan news hotline 0371-96211 newspaper reporter writing

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