The United Nations believes that Malaysia Airlines aircraft shot down in Ukraine can be regarded as war crimes

The artillery fire caused the march to be shot down in Ukraine can be considered a war crime
According to the Russian new network news, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Pillay said that the shelling of the Malaysian aircraft in Ukraine was shot down the incident can be regarded as war crimes. Pillay stressed that "after the end of the collection of this report information, Malaysia Airlines aircraft on July 17 in a terrible way was shot down.This violation of international law, taking into account the vast majority of the situation can be regarded as war crimes. It is extremely important to investigate this incident immediately, carefully, effectively, independently and impartially. " Pillay also called on "parties involved in the conflict, including foreign troops, to ensure that any person who violates international law, including those who have committed war crimes, can appear in court, no matter who does it." "I call on both sides to stop using the laws on weapons and restore respect for the rule of law and human rights," she said.

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